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Nursing home residents may be vulnerable to food safety neglect

There are many areas of concern when considering placing a loved one in failing health in a nursing home facility. While the possibility that a beloved family member could be a victim of abuse or neglect while in the care of staff is a serious worry, there is another area that may be overlooked when it comes to choosing an appropriate placement. Kentucky residents may benefit from checking into the safety and quality of the food that residents will be receiving.

According to investigative reports, residents in nursing and assisted living facilities are often provided food that was prepared under less-than-ideal conditions. Inspections have found that rodent droppings, dirty surfaces and unsanitary utensils are often part of the kitchen environments in nursing homes. Along with unsanitary conditions, ill workers who are preparing food may not take necessary precautions to protect vulnerable residents from contracting contagious illnesses.

Man faces murder charges after tractor trailer accident

The task of operating a large commercial vehicle is one that requires skill and meticulous attention to detail. When a truck driver fails to pay close attention to the changing traffic conditions, a tragic accident can be right around the next curve. One trucker is currently facing several serious felony charges after a fatal tractor trailer crash in Kentucky.

Kentucky police responded to the scene of the deadly collision along I-64 this past September. The investigation found that the 45-year-old truck driver was purportedly distracted by his cell phone. In the moments before the crash, the trucker failed to reduce his speed to avoid an accident while traveling through a construction zone. 

Tips for talking to your insurance company after an accident

In seconds, an accident can change your life. Physical injuries can impair your ability to enjoy everyday activities. Then, while you recover, you worry about how to provide for your family.

Every Kentucky driver is required to have car insurance. And you pay your insurance company to help you and your family specifically in these tough times. However, it can be frustrating to speak with your insurance company to get that help. So, here are a few tips to help you.

New tool intended to help concerns, fear of nursing home neglect

In the search for a suitable placement for a failing loved one, one of the most pressing needs is ensuring his or her safety. In spite of diligent research, there remains the concern that a resident could suffer from neglect or abuse. Kentucky residents will soon have a new tool for assessing a facility. 

There is currently a rating system that measures several key points of care for established care facilities. However, families were often hindered in their search for information relating to prior violations at a particular facility. The rating system currently ranks a home based on cost, staffing levels and other quality of care indicators. Before the end of the month, there will be an easier way to check whether a facility has a record of suspected abuse or neglect that could result in harm to a patient.

New civil suit against automakers over nondeployed airbags

When consumers are in the market for a new or used vehicle, there are often several criteria they have in mind for their purchase. One of the most important considerations for most consumers is that a vehicle is equipped with reliable safety features. Unfortunately, some makes and models experience equipment failures, including a failure to deploy airbags, which can leave Kentucky consumers with serious injuries.

Over the last several years, almost every automaker was forced to issue recalls over defective Takata airbags. However, there is a new civil lawsuit against several automakers over an unrelated airbag issue. This one involves a defect in the airbag control unit (ACU), which is prone to failure in the event of a serious crash. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is currently investigating an estimated 15 crashes that involved a possible failure of this unit where the airbags failed to deploy in a crash.

Nursing home fined and sued re neglect claims, deaths

Some of the most important decisions in life involve finding trusted care for loved ones. When help is sought for an elderly family member in failing health, the facility selected is trusted to provide appropriate care. Unfortunately, there are frequent reports of vulnerable Kentucky residents suffering significant harm from neglect or abuse in nursing facilities.

Recently, two families filed lawsuits over the loss of their loved ones when the nursing home entrusted to care for them seemingly failed. One of the residents died in the summer of 2017. In Feb. 2018, two more residents died on the same day. Though the particulars regarding one of those deaths have not been disclosed, the other families are seeking justice.

What happens when “the other guy” is an uninsured motorist

Kentucky requires all motorists to carry auto insurance that includes liability, meaning the company will pay for injuries and damage done by its customer.

But a disturbing number of Kentuckians break the law by driving without any insurance, or without liability insurance, or with policies that often don’t cover enough. What happens if you’re involved in a car accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist?

Crashes involving commercial vehicles often take terrible toll

For many travelers in Kentucky and elsewhere, the decision to take commercial transportation is an easy one. Not having to deal with traffic during long drives may allow passengers to relax and enjoy the journey. Unfortunately, when these types of commercial vehicles are involved in a crash, victims often pay a significant price in physical, psychological and financial suffering.

Officials with Kentucky law enforcement and Greyhound Transportation are both working to determine what led to a serious crash involving a Greyhound bus and a flatbed tractor-trailer. According to the preliminary report, the bus driver had recently left a stop and was traveling to his next destination. He was operating the bus in the center lane of the three northbound lanes on the highway. For reasons that are yet unknown, the 64-year-old driver veered out his travel lane and collided with a flatbed semi traveling in the far left lane. 

Medicare: an estimated 1 in 5 ER visits related to neglect; abuse

The decision to place a failing family member in a nursing home may come with some anxiety over the quality of care. A report from 2016, from the Inspector General's Office for the Department of Health and Human Services, noted that approximately 20% of emergency medical treatment for Medicare beneficiaries was related to possible abuse or neglect of nursing home residents. Though the report included nationwide statistics, residents in Kentucky nursing facilities could potentially be at risk.

In spite of the Inspector General's report, many nursing homes do not report suspected abuse or neglect to state regulators. In addition, even when a report has been substantiated, local police are often not informed. Some families have learned of abuse through the use of nanny cameras that captured footage of abuse carried out by nursing staff. 

Kentucky looks to redesign site of multiple semi truck accidents

The nation's highways are often congested and over-crowded, especially around larger, metropolitan areas that are busy commerce hubs. While it is imperative that goods are received in a timely fashion, these freeways are often the scene of a deadly semi truck crash due to poor roadway design. Kentucky officials received approval from the Federal Highway Administration to submit plans for a redesign of a dangerous interstate junction. 

In 2016, a portion of I-64, I-65 and I-71 were rebuilt as part of an Ohio River project. The junction has since been the scene of multiple serious big rig crashes. During an 8-week stretch, there were approximately eight crashes involving large trucks. The wrecks led to road closures that lasted several hours, thereby creating more traffic problems and the potential for additional accidents.

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