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Man seeks answers after suspected neglect leads to father's death

Those who have served their country are entitled to be treated with respect and dignity, especially as they age. When failing health requires skilled care, assistance is often sought through Veterans' Administration facilities. Kentucky residents should be able to trust this agency's homes and hospitals without worrying about neglect or abuse.

One man learned that the staff of one such nursing home failed to provide appropriate care for his father. According to the records, the 91-year-old patient suffered what became a fatal brain hemorrhage after he fell.  According to the records, the blind Alzheimer's patient was left unattended to wander the hallways in his wheelchair. Video surveillance shows him entering another resident's room, leaving, then circling around before attempting to re-enter the room. His chair is then seen tipping backwards, and the man fell and hit the back of his head. 

Industry worries about drug use and commercial vehicles

Several states modified their laws to allow the use of medical or recreational marijuana. During the controversy regarding these changes, there has been little public discussion regarding the consequences that could impact the safety of others, including the possibility that impaired drivers could cause serious crashes involving commercial vehicles. Trucking companies here in Kentucky and elsewhere are hoping law enforcement can adapt to prevent impaired driving accidents. 

The American Transportation Research Institute published a study that addressed the need for law enforcement to develop effective tools to handle the issue of marijuana-impaired drivers. Though states have revised their drug laws, police do not have the tools needed to combat the threat that these drivers may pose to others. While there are effective means to correctly identify those who are impaired by alcohol use, there is currently no standard methods to accurately test a motorist who is believed to be under the influence of marijuana.

Concerns grow over neglect complaints at for-profit homes

Seeking the best care for an ailing loved one is never an easy undertaking. In spite of the effort put into researching the qualifications of a nursing home, there is always the worry that a loved one could suffer harm from neglect. Kentucky residents who are seeking a suitable placement for their loved ones understandably have many concerns over the care their loved one will receive.

Recently, two sisters shared their concerns over the care their brother is receiving at a local nursing home. They stated that they complained repeatedly to senior staff over the purported neglect that their 34-year-old brother was subjected to by staff. The man, who served two tours of duty overseas, returned to his home only to become a victim of a pedestrian accident that left him incapacitated with a traumatic brain injury. The women reported that they have found him lying in urine-soaked sheets on more than one occasion. They have also found him in just an adult undergarment in spite of the fact that he has clothing available.

Governor mulls bill for ignition device to stop impaired drivers

No matter how many public service campaigns are focused on the dangers of drinking and driving, many motorists continue to defy the laws. Sadly, innocent people often pay the price when they are involved in accidents caused by impaired drivers. Recently, Kentucky lawmakers passed a bill that hopes to reduce the numbers of drunk driving crashes.

The bill would provide an option for those who have been charged with impaired driving to elect to have an ignition inter-lock device installed in their automobiles. The device is wired into the vehicle's ignition system and prevents a driver from starting the motor until he or she has breathed into the sensor to ensure that the blood alcohol level does not exceed the legal amount. Those who choose to have the devices installed will see their license suspensions reduced.

Once again, Kentucky sheriff faces DUI after causing car crash

Law enforcement officers are usually held to a higher standard of conduct, especially those in a position of command. When these professionals commit an error of judgment, the consequences sometimes may not always seem to fit the offense for which they have been charged. However, for one Kentucky sheriff, the consequences may be more harsh in light of his second DUI offense after causing a car crash with bodily injury.

Kentucky State Police were called to the scene of a crash recently between a pickup truck and a passenger car. According to officers, the driver of the pickup was the sheriff of Breckinridge County. He purportedly struck the other vehicle before hitting a utility pole and coming to rest in a wire barrier. Emergency workers transported the driver of the car to a local medical center with undisclosed injuries.

Common causes of car vs. truck accidents

Part of our transportation landscape is that passenger vehicles – cars, vans, buses, SUVs – share the road with delivery vehicles as small as motorcycles and as large as multi-ton tractor-trailers.

When vehicles collide, the result is damaging, dangerous and unfortunately often deadly. What are the common causes of collisions between semis and passenger vehicles?

Were You a Passenger in a Car Accident in Kentucky?--4 Things You Should Know

Being a passenger in a vehicle can be nerve racking. You are not in control of the situation and are at the mercy of your driver and the drivers around you. About 3 million people a year are involved in car accidents. Statistically, it is just a matter of time until it happens to you.

Paralyzed man awarded $151 million in product liability claim

People trust that their vehicles will keep them safe. They know that car accidents happen, but they probably believe that they are usually due to the actions of a driver. Most people here in Kentucky likely don't consider the possibility that their vehicle could injure them through no fault of their own or another driver's. However, that is exactly what representatives for an out-of-state man argued to a jury, who returned a verdict in the plaintiff's favor in a recent products liability claim.

The 24-year-old man in question was in a rollover crash back in 2015. He was a passenger in a Ford SUV that rolled over after the driver attempted to avoid hitting an animal on the road. The driver lost control of the SUV and as it rolled, the man was knocked out. His spine snapped during the accident and he was paralyzed.

4 Common Auto Accident Injuries You Should Call a Personal Injury Lawyer About

There are a wide range of injuries that can occur when you are involved in an automobile accident. Some are obvious immediately, while others may take days or weeks before you notice the symptoms. Kentucky law allows those injured in an automobile accident to file a personal injury claim.accident.png

Lawmakers submit bills that may increase nursing home neglect

Barely two months into 2019 and state lobbyists are pushing for two bills that could significantly harm nursing home residents. If they go through, these bills would effectively silence inspectors and employees from blowing the whistle on unsafe nursing home conditions and make it even more difficult for families to seek justice should their loved one suffer undue injury or death.

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