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November 2018 Archives

Inspections show veterans often subjected to nursing neglect

Those who have made sacrifices to serve their country are entitled to the best care possible as they age. Unfortunately, it appears that in many federal nursing homes dedicated to caring for these veterans, residents are being subjected to nursing home neglect. Kentucky residents who are concerned about the care their loved ones are receiving can seek more information related to the care these facilities provide.

Thanksgiving Weekend | Dangerous Roads and How to Stay Safe

According to the National Safety Council, Thanksgiving weekend is one of the most dangerous holidays for driving, behind only Independence Day and Memorial Day.Heavy traffic.jpg  The National Safety Council estimates 433 people may be killed and another 49,400 may be seriously injured in car accidents during the upcoming Thanksgiving Day holiday period.

Verdict Alert | Railroad Ordered to Pay Over $21 Million to Injured Engineer

According to the American Association of Justice, an engineer for BSNF Railroad was working where tanker cars filed with casinghead gasoline, a very toxic and volatile product from oil fracking fields, were being coupled together. The cars vented poisonous gas exposing the engineer to the dangerous fumes. He developed severe neurological symptoms and has lost the ability to walk at age 53. He also has difficulty speaking and swallowing.

Indictment issued almost a year after fatal car crash

Losing a loved one in an accident is one of the most devastating events that can befall a family. Along with the emotional pain and grief, there may be many unanswered questions as to what led to the tragic car crash. One Kentucky family may have a few of their questions answered now that an indictment has been issued against the driver purportedly responsible for their loss.

Car Accident | Do I need to hire a lawyer?

"A person that represents himself has a fool for a client" - Abraham Lincoln. Many people who were injured in a car accident, often try and handle their case themselves before contacting a personal injury lawyer. This often results in mistakes that cannot be undone.  needalawyer1-e1506499583637.jpgWhether it is your own insurance company or the adverse driver's carrier, you are risking your financial and physical well-being by taking them on without an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side.

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