BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court of Kentucky rules against automobile insurer

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2018 | Car Accidents


In a long-anticipated opinion, the Supreme Court has ruled against the automobile insurance industry putting to end a controversial tactic to deny you, the policyholder of utilizing PIP benefits.

The insurance industry has long attempted to circumvent Kentucky law by using paid medical services to review and deny policyholder’s claims for PIP or no-fault benefits. This was done even without sending the policyholder to a doctor for an examination as long required under law. This has resulted in medical treatment delays and financial hardships for policyholders. Thankfully, with the help of Kentucky Justice Association members advocating on behalf of the public, this practice has now ended in Kentucky.

Christopher Goode was published on this tactic in 2013 and has been out front on this issue from the beginning. It is a good day for consumers in Kentucky.