Verdict Alert | Railroad Ordered to Pay Over $21 Million to Injured Engineer

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2018 | Railroad Injuries

According to the American Association of Justice, an engineer for BSNF Railroad was working where tanker cars filed with casinghead gasoline, a very toxic and volatile product from oil fracking fields, were being coupled together. The cars vented poisonous gas exposing the engineer to the dangerous fumes. He developed severe neurological symptoms and has lost the ability to walk at age 53. He also has difficulty speaking and swallowing.

The engineer sued under FELA alleging the railroad mishandled the tanker cars at a speed too high for the product involved. He also alleged the railroad hide evidence of the dangerous product involved and instead lied to him that he was exposed to a benign product with no impact to his health.

The court found BSNF liable as a matter of law for destroying evidence in the case and the parties proceeded to trial to determine damages.

A jury awarded more than $15,000,000 to the injured worker. The Court also ordered the railroad to pay nearly $6 Million a s a sanction for its misconduct.

If you work in the railroad industry, and are injured on the job, it is important you hire a lawyer familiar with this complex area of the law.

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