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December 2018 Archives

Wife's suspicions of nursing home neglect lead to 17 arrests

The decision to seek qualified nursing care for a failing loved one is never taken lightly. When a nursing home is selected, it is assumed that the staff and administrators will ensure that their patients will receive the required care with dignity and respect. Sadly, too often, Kentucky families have discovered that their loved ones were victims of neglect or outright abuse.

What is the Difference Between Civil and Criminal Law?

A civil case is a dispute between individuals or companies. A criminal case is a case brought by the state against a person who allegedly broke the law. Car accidents are a good example of when civil and criminal law can both be involved.

Was a private-equity firm behind rise in nursing home neglect?

The decision to seek a nursing home placement for a loved one is seldom taken lightly. The majority of these placements provide excellent quality care for the residents without any negative complications. Unfortunately, there are Kentucky residents whose loved ones have been a victim of nursing home neglect that may have led to serious adverse health problems.

Should I settle my car accident case out of court?

Most people may assume that when you are injured in a car accident and decide to purse a claim, it will go straight to court and be a lengthy stressful process. The numbers however show a different reality. While exact statistics are not readily available, most agree that 80 to 90 percent of car accident claims settle before a lawsuit is even filed. And of the cases filed in court a very small percentage go before a jury trial. It makes sense that many people who are injured in a car accident often ask their lawyer if they should settle or take their case to trial.


As explored in my article about the 10 WORST INSURANCE COMPANIES IN AMERCIA, car insurance is not only mandatory in all but one state, it safeguards you and your family against car accidents, and provides financial security and recovery when you most need it.

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