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As explored in my article about the 10 WORST INSURANCE COMPANIES IN AMERCIA, car insurance is not only mandatory in all but one state, it safeguards you and your family against car accidents, and provides financial security and recovery when you most need it.


Consumer Reports recently conducted a comprehensive examination of auto insurance companies across the country. It looked at claims handling experiences, premiums, and overall customer service. Based on this review, here are the 10 BEST AUTO INSURANCE COMPANIES IN AMERICA:

1. Amica Insurance

2. New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company

3. USAA Property & Casualty

4. Auto Club Group

5. Erie Insurance Group

6. PEMCO Mutual Insurance Company

7. The Cincinnati Insurance Company

8. Auto-Owners Insurance Group of Companies

9. Auto Club Enterprises Insurance Group

10. Travelers Group

Don’t recognize some of these companies? Notice what is consistent about this list? These companies are not big TV advertisers like some insurers on Goode Law Office’s 10 WORST INSURANCE COMPANIES IN AMERICA. They focus on customer service and retention rather than high risk, high turn over policies.

There is a similar pattern when choosing a personal injury lawyer.  Lawyers that rely upon expensive TV advertisements for business, aren’t generally focused on the customer. If they were, they would not need to rely upon TV ads for clients, just like Allstate, State Farm, GEICO, etc.

Whether you are looking for auto insurance or need a personal injury lawyer, it is important to do you homework. You need to know what questions to ask, rather than simply responding blindly to a TV advertisement.

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