Driver arrested after killing officer in tractor trailer crash

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2019 | Truck Accidents

Those who have committed to protect and serve their local communities realize that the job sometimes requires painful sacrifices. Unfortunately, even the the most routine duties can end in tragedy when fellow motorists fail to exercise diligent caution. One Kentucky community is mourning the loss of an officer after she was killed in a tractor trailer crash.

According to the local police department, the 32-year-old officer was in the middle of conducting a routine traffic stop. She had pulled over a pick-up truck for an unknown violation and was possibly checking for information concerning the driver and vehicle in her patrol car. A tractor trailer approaching from the rear slammed into her vehicle. It was then propelled into the truck parked ahead of her.

Before she could exit her vehicle, it caught on fire and the officer perished in the fiery crash. The occupants of the pick-up truck were reportedly uninjured. The trucker underwent various field sobriety testing, which police state he was unable to successfully complete. Though he denied that he was intoxicated, he reportedly admitted that he had ingested several prescription medications before the wreck.

The 60-year-old trucker has been charged with murder and driving under the influence. He is currently being held on a $200,000 bond and is awaiting further proceedings. Both the community and the officer’s family are understandably devastated at the preventable death of the officer in this horrifying tractor trailer accident. Kentucky victims who have suffered serious injuries or sustained significant monetary losses due to the negligent actions of a commercial driver may seek recompense for their damages through the civil courts.