On-duty deputy injured in car crash caused by thrown rock

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2019 | Car Accidents

Those who work in the public sector face many unknown dangers every time they clock in for duty. The majority of the time, their day will consist of routine calls that are handled without undue complications. Unfortunately, for one on-duty Kentucky deputy, responding to call ended abruptly in a frightening car crash.

According to the report, the officer was responding to a complaint about objects being thrown at passing tractor-trailers. At least one trucker was forced to pull off of the side of an interstate after his semi was pelted by rocks that someone was throwing from a passing vehicle. As the nearest deputy was attempting to respond to the call concerning this problem, he became a victim of the unknown assailant.

His patrol car was struck by a large rock that shattered his front windshield. After passing through the windshield, the projectile struck the deputy in the face. That impact caused him to lose control of the vehicle, and he ran off of the road. The car struck several trees and overturned multiple times before coming to rest on its roof. The deputy was able to radio for assistance but was instructed to call emergency services in order for rescue personnel to pinpoint his location.

The officer suffered several broken bones and multiple lacerations. He stated that the moment the rock broke the window, which was described as being slightly larger that a softball, he feared he had been shot. Kentucky officials are searching for any possible video footage that may have captured the suspected vehicle in order to press charges in connection with causing the deputy’s car crash. Though the officer will likely qualify for coverage from the workers’ compensation program. In these types of situations, victims may choose to pursue recovery of their subsequent financial losses through the state’s civil court system.