4 Common Auto Accident Injuries You Should Call a Personal Injury Lawyer About

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There are a wide range of injuries that can occur when you are involved in an automobile accident. Some are obvious immediately, while others may take days or weeks before you notice the symptoms. Kentucky law allows those injured in an automobile accident to file a personal injury claim.

A personal injury claim can help you gain what you have lost by paying for your medical expenses as well as lost wages. An experienced Kentucky personal injury lawyer can also help you with compensation for pain and suffering.

In nearly twenty years of representing hundreds of personal injury claimants, Christopher W. Goode has compiled his list of the most common auto accident injuries that you should call a Kentucky personal injury attorney about.

Herniated and Bulging Discs

If you have ever suffered a back injury, you know how painful and limiting such an injury can be. A herniated or bulging disc means that a disc is leaking out of the spinal canal through a tear or rupture. This type of disc injury is commonly caused by a traumatic event such as an automobile accident. This injury is also mistaken for general soreness and may not fully show itself until days or weeks after an accident. Doctors will commonly diagnose disc injuries using an MRI scan. Back injuries should be taken vey seriously.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries, or TBI are unfortunately a common injury sustained in an automobile accident. With all of the news related to sports and TBI, fortunately the public as well as the medical community is quicker to recognize the symptoms of TBI and provide treatment. Like disc injuries, TBI may not be not be known or fully appreciated for a long time following an automobile accident. Most of the time, a TBI is caused when the head impacts a part of the vehicle, but not always. Even a minor impact can move the brain in a way that causes permanent damage.

Fractured Bones

Fractured or broken bones are commonly sustained in an automobile accident. In his nearly twenty years of representing automobile accident victims, Christopher Goode has seen broken arms, legs, pelvis, hips, elbows, ankles, and various crush injuries to bones that can leave you with a lifetime of pain and follow-up medical care. Usually these types of injuries are diagnosed at the emergency room using x-rays. It is important to treat early so you are sure to help the bones heal properly.


Whiplash is a very common automobile accident injury. Whiplash is caused when your neck or sometimes back is jerked or thrown forward due to a collision. Many clients report feeling okay following the accident but wake up the next morning unable to move their neck. Fortunately, whiplash injuries can be successfully treated but it requires you to seek care from a qualified medical professional as soon as possible. Kentucky’s no-fault system enables victims to get treatment immediately following an automobile accident.

If you have sustained an injury in an automobile accident, it is important that you speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer today. The Goode Law Office prides itself on service and making the process of filing a claim as easy as possible. Give us a call today for a free consultation so you can get on the road to recovery.