Man seeks answers after suspected neglect leads to father’s death

On Behalf of | May 9, 2019 | Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

Those who have served their country are entitled to be treated with respect and dignity, especially as they age. When failing health requires skilled care, assistance is often sought through Veterans’ Administration facilities. Kentucky residents should be able to trust this agency’s homes and hospitals without worrying about neglect or abuse.

One man learned that the staff of one such nursing home failed to provide appropriate care for his father. According to the records, the 91-year-old patient suffered what became a fatal brain hemorrhage after he fell.  According to the records, the blind Alzheimer’s patient was left unattended to wander the hallways in his wheelchair. Video surveillance shows him entering another resident’s room, leaving, then circling around before attempting to re-enter the room. His chair is then seen tipping backwards, and the man fell and hit the back of his head. 

Aides hurried to assist him back to his chair. However, according to notations made in the patient’s chart, several hours elapsed before he was taken to the emergency department. Scans showed a massive brain hemorrhage that eventually lead to his death. 

The man was transferred to this facility after being cared for at a specialized center dedicated to care for Alzheimer’s patients with psychiatric problems. At that center, he was assigned an aide to provided one-on-one supervision around the clock. When he was moved, this supervision was discontinued.

Inspections of VA centers around the country showed that these facilities often score low in quality care. A spokesperson refuted these claims and stated that the man received appropriate care. The victim’s father is exploring his options in pursuing justice for his father’s death. Kentucky residents who are concerned that their loved ones suffered neglect at any nursing facility may seek the assistance of an attorney who can advise on the feasibility of filing a civil lawsuit to recoup financial damages.