How to Pick a Kentucky Personal Injury Lawyer

by | Jun 4, 2019 | Car Accidents, Injuries

When you or a loved one has suffered an injury, many times your life is completely disrupted, and you are forced into quick decisions.

When someone needs an injury lawyer, they are often seduced by flashy billboards or T.V. ads without really knowing anything about the lawyer they are calling. Likewise, most of the time, the lawyer on the T.V. ad will never touch your file or doesn’t even have a Kentucky law license.


Others turn to Google and pour over name after name in a seemingly never-ending list of attorneys.

You may not have any lawyers as friends. Find an excellent Kentucky personal injury lawyer by talking to other professionals you know. Ask your doctor, accountant, or real estate agent if they have any recommendations.

Friends and relatives can be a good source but be careful. When someone you trust refers you to a Kentucky personal injury attorney, ask the following questions. What makes you recommend this personal injury attorney? Have you had any personal experience with this personal injury lawyer, or is your information second hand?

Often other lawyers who do not handle personal injury cases are great resources. They may have a trusted referral source already for personal injury matters. A divorce attorney, or corporate attorney can often point you to colleagues who handle personal injury matters.

Whoever you hire, be sure to interview and reference check them. Don’t be lured in by the fancy billboards and T.V. ads. Ask yourself, if this Kentucky personal injury lawyer is so good, why is he or she spending hundreds if not millions of dollars on T.V. ads?

If you are unsure who to hire or if you even have a case, consultations at the Goode Law Office are always pressure and cost free.