Nursing home center of several allegations of neglect

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2019 | Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

Families who have a loved one in failing health due to age or illness take every measure possible to find a qualified nursing home. Unfortunately, in spite of a family’s best efforts, there remains a possibility that a resident will become a victim of neglect or abuse. One of the biggest challenges these facilities face here in Kentucky, and elsewhere, is the lack of adequate staff.

Recently, affiliates from a local CBS news station attempted to conduct an interview with the staff of a nursing facility that has been accused of neglecting residents to the point of death. One of the most recent allegations involved a resident who died in 2017 from a severe infection caused by bed sores. The woman’s adult children shared their concerns over what they witnessed while their mother was a patient at the facility. They reported finding their mother walking the hallways without clothing, beds without any linens and their mother claiming that she often slept on the floor after falling out of bed. There have been other allegations of neglect from other families.

A former staff member blamed the problems on lack of personnel to provide appropriate care. This worker stated that she complained to two separate state agencies about the unacceptable conditions at this facility. Records show that there have been several complaints of under-staffing, but none of the investigations resulted in any citations against the facility. 

After the death of one resident due to suspected neglect, the facility could not provide the medical file. One employee alleged that the charts are purposely not updated to avoid scrutiny. This facility has been the subject of dozens of lawsuits — most of which were settled out of court. Kentucky residents who suspect that a loved one has suffered harm due to nursing home neglect or abuse may choose to seek recovery of their damages through the civil courts.