USPS halts service to Kentucky location with series of dog bites

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2019 | Premises Liability

Those who work in the mail and parcel delivery fields must contend with all manner of weather conditions, traffic congestion and a wide variety of personalities. Unfortunately, they also have another obstacle that can cause them to suffer serious physical and psychological injuries: dog bites. In an effort to protect U.S. mail carriers in one city from suffering these types of attacks, mail delivery to one Kentucky street has been temporarily halted.

According to a United States Postal Service representative, one neighborhood in Louisville has a troubling history of dog-bite incidents. The decision to stop home delivery was made after a USPS worker was forced to evade a a possible attack by three dogs running loose on the street. Until the situation can be improved, residents will required to collect their mail at a local facility.

The USPS says it is working with residents to address the issue of dogs posing a threat to mail carriers. According to statistics, approximately 5,700 postal workers suffered injuries inflicted by bites in the past year. Though the representative did not offer any figures regarding the numbers of attacks on this particular street, the spokesperson did state that the area has been a problematic area for quite some time.

It is unclear if deliveries were halted due just to at-large dogs or if pets in yards were also posing a threat. Kentucky is a strict liability state,meaning that pet owners are responsible for the damages their pets inflict on victims through unprovoked attacks. Those who have suffered injuries due to dog bites may require an extensive recovery time for their injuries to heal. Along with the physical injuries, victims often struggle with emotional scars that may affect them indefinitely. A personal injury civil lawsuit offers victims the opportunity for legal recourse.