Nursing home fined and sued re neglect claims, deaths

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2019 | Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

Some of the most important decisions in life involve finding trusted care for loved ones. When help is sought for an elderly family member in failing health, the facility selected is trusted to provide appropriate care. Unfortunately, there are frequent reports of vulnerable Kentucky residents suffering significant harm from neglect or abuse in nursing facilities.

Recently, two families filed lawsuits over the loss of their loved ones when the nursing home entrusted to care for them seemingly failed. One of the residents died in the summer of 2017. In Feb. 2018, two more residents died on the same day. Though the particulars regarding one of those deaths have not been disclosed, the other families are seeking justice.

According to the records, one patient was in obvious distress in the hours before she was finally transported to a medical center. Staff reportedly provided the woman with an over-the-counter pain reliever but did not take further measures to alleviate her pain. In addition, staff were unable to successfully record the woman’s blood pressure nor could they locate a discernible pulse. However, they delayed calling for medical transport for several hours.

It was suspected that the resident had not been provided any water for a lengthy period before arriving at the hospital. She was later discharged and subsequently died at the home the same day. In response to this death, as well as one other on the same day, federal officials fined the nursing home an estimated $77,460. In addition, the families are seeking compensatory and punitive damages regarding the deaths of their loved ones.

This particular nursing home has been the subject of approximately 19 investigations over the past five years. The daughter of one victim testified before lawmakers concerning the neglect that occurred in the facility. Kentucky residents who suspect that their loved one has been a victim of negligent care may also be entitled to seek recovery of monetary damages based upon evidence that an acceptable level of medical care was not provided..