Man faces murder charges after tractor trailer accident

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2019 | Truck Accidents

The task of operating a large commercial vehicle is one that requires skill and meticulous attention to detail. When a truck driver fails to pay close attention to the changing traffic conditions, a tragic accident can be right around the next curve. One trucker is currently facing several serious felony charges after a fatal tractor trailer crash in Kentucky.

Kentucky police responded to the scene of the deadly collision along I-64 this past September. The investigation found that the 45-year-old truck driver was purportedly distracted by his cell phone. In the moments before the crash, the trucker failed to reduce his speed to avoid an accident while traveling through a construction zone. 

His rig collided with two other passenger vehicles that were in the lanes ahead of his semi. The impact killed a 61-year-old man in one of the vehicles. The other motorist in the second vehicle suffered injuries that were described as not being life-threatening. It is unknown whether the truck driver was also injured.

A Kentucky Grand jury recently found evidence to support indicting the trucker on murder charges as well as several other serious charges in connection with this fatal wreck. The man was initially facing a count of manslaughter in addition to felony wanton endangerment. While criminal charges may bring some comfort to the victim’s family, they are likely still struggling with the financial damages that tend to accompany these tragic losses. When an accident is the fault of a negligent driver, it may be possible for victims of a tractor trailer accident to pursue recovery of their documented monetary losses through the state’s civil justice system.