Nursing home residents may be vulnerable to food safety neglect

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2019 | Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

There are many areas of concern when considering placing a loved one in failing health in a nursing home facility. While the possibility that a beloved family member could be a victim of abuse or neglect while in the care of staff is a serious worry, there is another area that may be overlooked when it comes to choosing an appropriate placement. Kentucky residents may benefit from checking into the safety and quality of the food that residents will be receiving.

According to investigative reports, residents in nursing and assisted living facilities are often provided food that was prepared under less-than-ideal conditions. Inspections have found that rodent droppings, dirty surfaces and unsanitary utensils are often part of the kitchen environments in nursing homes. Along with unsanitary conditions, ill workers who are preparing food may not take necessary precautions to protect vulnerable residents from contracting contagious illnesses.

Inspections in some facilities have found expired food items and workers who were not practicing proper hygiene, such as frequent hand washing and the use of hairnets or facial coverings for workers with facial hair. Those who reside in nursing homes are much more susceptible to contracting food-borne illnesses and other food-related diseases due to their weakened immune systems and age. To make the situation more perilous, the current administration has proposed reducing some of the regulations regarding the qualifications of those who oversee nutritional services in these types of facilities.

There are concerns that relaxing requirements could lead to more problems with ensuring that residents are provided with meals that are prepared in sanitary conditions to avoid serious illnesses. Kentucky residents who suspect that a loved one’s illness or injury was the result of abuse or neglect on the part of nursing home staff may seek the guidance of an experienced attorney. This individual can assist them in filing a complaint with the proper officials and in obtaining compensation for their damages.