Can you sue for drug side effects?

by | Feb 3, 2020 | Products Liability

Have you or a loved one experienced harmful side effects as a result of taking a prescription drug? Unfortunately, as Americans take more and more prescription drugs, many have experience serious injury or even death. This article addresses how these cases are developed and how a Kentucky personal injury attorney will work with you to build your case.

Pharmaceutical Drug Cases

In order to win your case, you’ll need to prove that you suffered from an injury and that the injury was connected to or caused by:

  • Defective manufacturing
  • Dangerous side effects; and/or
  • Improper marketing

During your case, you must also prove that you were not warned of any possible risks of taking the drug, either by your physician or the drug’s manufacturer. If you were warned and chose to take the drug anyway, your lawsuit may not have merit.

Although each bad drug will have unique facts in the lawsuit against the manufacturer, a common scenario Goode Law Office has witnessed is large pharmaceutical companies who either attempt to bury research showing the dangers of the drug, or some who even ghost write false positive research about their drugs.

Christopher Goode has even uncovered evidence of a pharmaceutical company intentionally deceiving the FDA in a case involving the death of a 20 year old young woman.

What do you need to do?

Once you suspect a drug is causing or has caused harm, it is important that you contact a Kentucky personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.  These types of claims have a deadline that must be met, or you risk waiving your right to compensation.

During your free consultation, an experienced Kentucky pharmaceutical drug attorney will review your situation and determine if you have a valid case against the drug company. If so, your attorney will weigh the benefits of a class action/mass tort lawsuit versus an individual claim in order to achieve the best-possible result for your case. Contact us for your free consultation.