Letcher County Left-Turn Crash Kills ‘Halfway to Hazard’ Dad

by | Apr 20, 2021 | Car Accidents, Injuries

The father of one member of the country-western duo is dead after a pickup apparently broadsided his vehicle outside a gas station.

The wreck happened at the intersection of Highway 150 and Highway 7N in Isom. According to police, 85-year-old Jackie Tolliver, who is David Tolliver’s father, was behind the wheel of a Chevrolet Aveo when another motorist, who was crossing the highway to enter a gas station, smacked into him. First responders initially sent the elder Tolliver, along with 71-year-old Deborah Tolliver, to a nearby hospital. Due to the severity of their injuries, doctors transferred them to a larger medical facility, where they died.

The other driver’s name was not released.

Car Crash Injuries

Today’s cars are much safer than the ones which rolled off the assembly line twenty years ago. Yet vehicle collisions still kill or seriously injure millions of Americans every year. Ironically, safer vehicle design might have something to do with this fact. Subconsciously, many drivers believe that because safer cars and trucks protect people in crashes, they can take more chances behind the wheel. 

The 2020 car wreck statistics support this conclusion. Vehicle traffic dropped off to almost nothing in many areas, especially during the first half of the year. Yet the number of fatalities was basically unchanged. Observers believe that drivers took more chances on largely-empty roads, and these bad habits continued when vehicle traffic increased.

Generally, vehicle collision injuries are worse in semi-rural areas than urban areas. The closest trauma center might be an additional eight or ten minutes away. These few minutes could be the difference between life and death. Some of the serious injuries in these collisions include:

  • Broken Bones: These injuries aren’t usually fatal, but they are usually permanent. Generally, doctors must use metal components to set these badly-broken bones. As a result, the victim usually loses some functionality, such as range of motion in a shoulder or elbow.
  • Head Injuries: Vehicle collisions combine all three major causes of head injuries. These victims have no crash helmets to absorb blunt force trauma. Furthermore, the sudden, violent motion usually causes the victim’s brain to slam against the inside of the skull. Finally, loud noises, such as collision noise, trigger shock waves which disrupt brain functions.
  • Exsanguination: Frequently, excessive blood loss is the technical cause of death in car wreck cases. Much of this exsanguination comes from internal bleeding. Such bleeding is difficult to detect and even harder to stop.

Often, the medical expenses in a serious wreck exceed $100,000. A Lexington personal injury attorney can connect car wreck victims with experienced car crash doctors who usually charge nothing upfront for their services. Attorneys make similar arrangements with vehicle repair or replacement companies, as well as other providers.

Venue and Other Procedural Issues in Vehicle Collision Claims

A few car wreck claims settle very quickly. But there are usually some liability issues. Left-turn wrecks are a good example. Frequently, both drivers are partially at fault for these wrecks. Perhaps one didn’t signal and the other one turned too quickly.

Therefore, a Lexington personal injury attorney must normally file legal paperwork. But before that happens, there are some issues to consider.

Evidence is key at this point. Attorneys must collect as much evidence as possible in order to make it past some procedural motions. Early evidence collection is a difficult process. Many evidence collection tools, like discovery, are not yet available.

Venue, which refers to the court’s geographic ability to hear a claim, is usually important as well. Legally, victims may file legal claims in the county where they reside or where the accident occurred.

This selection is not just a formality. Larger counties, like Fayette County, usually have less conservative jurors than smaller counties, like Letcher County. Therefore, in a close case, small county jurors are more likely to side with victims than insurance companies. There are other factors to consider as well, such as the distance between the victim/plaintiff’s residence and the other county’s courthouse.

Damages in a vehicle collision case usually include compensation for economic losses, such as medical bills, and noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering. Additional punitive damages are sometimes available as well, in some extreme cases.

Vehicle collision claims involve complex factual and legal matters. For a free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Lexington, contact the Goode Law Office, PLLC. We do not charge upfront legal fees in these matters. #goodelawyers