Motorcycle Rider Dies in Estill County Crash

by | Dec 29, 2021 | Car Accidents, Injuries

Few details were available about a wreck that involved two motorcycles and a four-wheel vehicle.

According to investigators, the wreck happened near the Estill County/Powell County line, on Highway 82. The Estill County coroner, who performed an autopsy on a 52-year-old victim, said that a car crashed into two motorcycles.

One man died at the scene and another was airlifted to a nearby hospital with serious injuries.

Motorcycle Crash Injuries

The motorcycle rider crash fatality rate is a staggering twenty-eight times higher than the vehicle occupant crash fatality rate. That’s largely because multiple safety systems protect vehicle occupants during crashes. But motorcycle riders only have helmets. Crash helmets usually do not protect against the most serious motorcycle wreck injuries, which are:

  • Head Injuries: You read that right. Helmets often prevent trauma-related head injuries. But they do nothing to prevent motion-related head injuries, which are much more common. When riders fall off their bikes, their brains slam against the insides of their skulls, causing permanent head injuries.
  • Broken Bones: These hard falls do not just break bones. They normally shatter them. As a result, doctors must use metal parts to surgically reconstruct them. This reconstruction means victims must undergo long-term, painful, and expensive physical therapy. Even then, at least some permanent loss of function is usually inevitable.
  • Exsanguination: Excessive blood loss is so serious that it’s usually the official cause of death in a fatal motorcycle wreck claim. Because they have no protective outer layers, any unusual motion usually causes severe bleeding, as internal organs rub against each other. In fact, by the time emergency responders arrive, many victims are already on the edge of hypovolemic shock and organ shutdown.

These injuries, especially motion-related head injuries, are often difficult to diagnose. So, a Lexington personal injury attorney connects victims with doctors who focus on vehicle collision injuries. Aggressive treatment on the front end usually means better results on the back end.

Furthermore, victims normally pay nothing upfront for this top-notch medical treatment. Attorneys usually send letters of protection to medical providers, and these letters guarantee payment when the case is resolved.

Electronic Evidence in Motorcycle Crash Claims

Medical bills and other crash-related expenses, like vehicle replacement or repair, must be paid eventually. Since victim/plaintiffs have the burden of proof in these cases, diligent evidence collection is essential to a successful outcome.

Unfortunately, some of the most common kinds of evidence are not very reliable in many motorcycle wreck claims. The police accident report, which is often the most important bit of evidence in these claims, is a good example.

As mentioned above, the fatality rate is very high in these cases. If the victim dies, the emergency responder who wrote the report obviously only heard one side of the story. Furthermore, most emergency responders are not accident reconstruction specialists. Since these collisions often completely destroy the bikes, there is little physical evidence to go on.

Electronic evidence, such as a vehicle’s Event Data Recorder, supplements the other evidence in the case. EDR capacity varies by make and model. But most of these gadgets measure and record items like:

  • Vehicle Speed: EDRs are connected to the vehicle’s drivetrain. So, they provide very accurate, and very specific, information about velocity. Eyewitnesses estimate speed, but EDRs conclusively show that the vehicle was traveling 43.2mph at the moment of impact.
  • Steering Angle: Investigators often rely on crash patterns to help them reconstruct accidents. But as mentioned, the excessive physical damage in a motorcycle wreck often makes this exercise impossible. EDR steering angle information substitutes for this lost evidence.
  • Engine RPM: Vehicle acceleration is often important in left-turn motorcycle wrecks. Many tortfeasors (negligent drivers) rapidly accelerate as they try to turn left against traffic. If a driver accelerates in front of an oncoming motorcycle, that arguably demonstrates recklessness as opposed to mere negligence.

An attorney must lay the proper groundwork to admit EDR evidence in court. Kentucky has some of the strongest vehicle information privacy laws in the United States. So, attorneys normally need court orders before they can access these gadgets and download the data they contain.

Damages in a motorcycle wreck claim usually include compensation for economic losses, such as medical bills, and noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering. If there are extreme facts, such as the aforementioned recklessness, additional punitive damages may be available as well.

Injury victims are usually entitled to substantial compensation. For a free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Lexington, contact the Goode Law Office, PLLC. We do not charge upfront legal fees in these matters. #goodelawyers