Head-on Crash in Lewis County Kills Teenager

by | May 13, 2022 | Car Accidents, Injuries

Investigators aren’t sure what caused a fatal collision between a Peterbilt semi-truck and a Toyota Camry. However, they are sure that a teenage girl died in the wreck.

The wreck happened on the AA Highway near Dudley Avenue. The Peterbilt was westbound and the Toyoya was eastbound. Since this stretch of the AA Highway is not very wide, investigators speculate that one vehicle may have clipped the other one.

The Toyota driver, a senior at Lewis County High School, was airlifted to a nearby hospital. She did not survive her catastrophic injuries. The Peterbilt driver wasn’t seriously hurt.

Medical Expenses in Car Crash Cases

These expenses often determine an injury claim’s settlement value. This figure is a bit like a used car’s asking price. 

Generally, doctor bills are the largest single component of economic damages in a car crash claim. The average injury-related hospital bill is over $56,000. Medical expenses also directly relate to emotional distress and other noneconomic damages. The higher the medical bills, the more pain and suffering the victim endured.


Many people have experience with a combined Emergency Medical Technician and transportation bill that exceeds the hospital bill. That’s especially true in non-emergency cases, like epileptic seizures. For this reason, many non-emergency patients use Lyft, Uber, or another rideshare service in these situations.

However, serious injury victims usually don’t have a choice. Even if they are alert enough to express a preference, which is doubtful, emergency responders always insist that victims use emergency transportation. That’s partially for liability reasons and partially for financial reasons. At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, the more income the medical-industrial complex generates, the more money these employees make.

Surface transportation is costly enough. Medevac transportation, as is common in rural Kentucky wrecks, is even more expensive. These flights cost about $40,000 each. Part of that expense is justified. A medical helicopter is basically a mobile hospital staffed by highly-trained individuals. Part of that large expense is like ridesharing surge pricing. WHen demand increases, the price increases.

Demand is high because, in many cases, the victim has been injured on the scene for some time and the closest medical facility isn’t exactly close. On semi-rural roadways, no one may see a crash scene for several minutes or even longer, especially at night. By the time EMTs arrive at these scenes, the victims are in truly bad shape and need immediate evacuation.


To effectively treat serious car crash injuries, hospitalization includes triage, surgery, and recovery. 

Triage usually means interfacing with EMTs and determining what happened at the scene and what happened during transit. Doctors must also evaluate victims themselves. The medical standard of care in these cases requires no less.

SInce they usually have extensive injuries, many victims need multiple surgeries over several days. Usually, doctors address truly life-threatening injuries first, like head injuries and internal bleeding. Once the patient is stable enough, they move to other areas, like broken bones. After a brief initial recovery period, doctors can determine if they need to intervene again or if the patients can go to a recovery area.

If a patient develops an infection, it usually happens during recovery. These areas of hospitals usually aren’t as sterile as operating rooms. If a patient develops an infection-related injury, compensation is available. However, a Lexington personal injury attorney must usually file a separate legal matter against the doctor or hospital.

Physical Therapy

Usually, PT isn’t nearly as expensive as transportation and hospitalization. But the indirect expenses could be higher.

We mentioned broken bones above. Broken leg bones are especially common in vehicle collision cases. There’s no airbag under the steering wheel to absorb any of the impact. Building strength in the legs is a very slow process. Most people are completely immobile for several weeks. For several weeks thereafter, their mobility is quite limited. For many people, that adds up to several months without a paycheck.

Brain injury physical therapy is even tougher. Head injuries are permanent, Dead brain cells, unlike dead bone cells, don’t regenerate. So, brain injury therapists must train uninjured parts of the brain to assume lost functions. This process is long and progress comes in fits and starts.

Injury victims are usually entitled to substantial compensation. For a free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Lexington, contact the Goode Law Office, PLLC. Virtual, home, and hospital visits are available.