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USPS halts service to Kentucky location with series of dog bites

Those who work in the mail and parcel delivery fields must contend with all manner of weather conditions, traffic congestion and a wide variety of personalities. Unfortunately, they also have another obstacle that can cause them to suffer serious physical and psychological injuries: dog bites. In an effort to protect U.S. mail carriers in one city from suffering these types of attacks, mail delivery to one Kentucky street has been temporarily halted.

USPS working to make sure the bark is worse than dog bites

The old motto of nothing stopping the mail is true to the point of carriers often suffering injuries in the course of a normal day. While inclement weather cannot be remedied, there are steps Kentucky residents can take to ensure that postal service workers do not run the risk of suffering a serious injury while on their properties. One step is securing pets inside the home to prevent serious dog bites from even docile companions.

Injured from a Fall? Know Your Legal Rights

The secret to a successful personal injury practice may rest equally on the cases that are accepted and those that are not. The vast majority of serious injury cases do not present with the four sides of the perfect square necessary for success-liability, causation, damages and coverage-completed and aligned. We, as lawyers, analyze the cases, identify the problems and find practical solutions. If the client does not have a clear liability case, we must figure out rather quickly whether there are both the facts and the legal theories which will support recovery. This difficult initial decision is particularly challenging when it comes to premises liability cases.fall-sign.png

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