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Assisting You With A Products Liability Claim

Kentucky laws are designed to protect consumers from preventable injuries caused by poorly constructed or unnecessarily dangerous products. When manufacturers, suppliers or retailers put defective products on the market, their unlawful actions can cause life-changing injuries.

Handling a products liability case takes extensive legal experience and substantial understanding of the chain of commerce. At Goode Law Office, PLLC, our team of legal professionals is well-versed in all aspects of products liability law. Our award-winning principal attorney, Christopher Goode, has successfully challenged at-fault parties who have designed, built and sold flawed products.

Has a defective product injured you? Contact us at 859-469-4770 to meet with an attentive lawyer.

We Have The Skill Set To Confront Negligent Business Owners

Attorney Goode works with area experts to investigate products liability claims and draws on his large law firm background to create a targeted legal approach. He has secured favorable outcomes for Kentucky clients who have been injured by construction equipment and drivers fatally injured by airbags that failed to deploy in a car accident.

Our personal injury firm is equipped to negotiate and litigate matters related to:

  • Flaws in design or materials
  • Failure to instruct or warn consumers of risks
  • Inadequate safety testing
  • Carelessness in product manufacturing

When you use a product as it was intended to be used, you do not expect to suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries. After this preventable tragedy occurs, you can rely on our legal team to protect your interests and obtain compensation for physical, emotional and financial damages you have suffered.

One of attorney Goode’s recent product liability cases concerned the non-deployment of airbags in a passenger vehicle. The airbags failed in a serious front-end crash, which resulted in the loss of life. Chris and his experts extensively investigated the problem, and the auto manufacturer recalled thousands of vehicles to prevent similar issues from happening in later crashes.

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Chris Goode’s representation has resulted in auto industry recalls that have saved countless lives. He is determined to use the law to make a difference in your life as well. Connect with him today by calling our Lexington office at 859-469-4770 or emailing our Lexington firm.

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